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Fri, 20 Apr 2001 23:25:26 +0200

Dear Bastiat lovers,
   here are some news from the Bastiat web sites:

* A new previously unpublished etext is now available on,
 thanks to a translation by members of the Cercle Frédéric Bastiat:
	"To the electors of the district of Saint-Server" (1846)
 (actually, it's been translated months ago,
 and I'm late at converting it to proper HTML)
 Hey, now that I re-read it, one remark by Bastiat there
 looks like the idea behind de Jouvenel's "Du Pouvoir" (On Power)!

* The Bastiat'2001 conference is already a success, gathering 200
 participants already. The downside is that registrations are closed.

* In case you missed the previous announce on this list,
 The Mises Institute had an interesting conference that discussed Bastiat,
 with a paper available at

* While scouring the web for references to Frederic Bastiat, as I do every
 year (and I'm pleased to find more people aware of and, I found the following work by Boehm-Bawerk
 "Capital and Interest", that has a chapter on Bastiat:
 It's weird how Bawerk, who is an austrian economist (but does that actually
 make him an austrian economist?), completely misses the point about
 Bastiat's position, because he takes a narrow view of economics,
 whereas Bastiat touches the essence of classical liberalism:
	liberalism is not an economic doctrine, but a theory of Law.
 I call that weird because praxeology and insisting on the whole of human
 action rather than just its narrowly economic aspect, is precisely the
 distinctive point that made "Austrian Economics" famous, with Ludwig
 von Mises and al. So Bastiat is more of an austrian economist than
 an actual austrian economist! Once again, this reminds me of T.J.Dilorenzo's
 article on Bastiat for the Mises Institute:

* Just in case any of you speaks french and is not on the french mailing-list,
 there were also many improvements and a few next etexts on the french side
 of the sites. And there's a spanish section, too. Not to talk about our
 german speaking colleagues from And during the above-mentionned
 web-scouring, I found Bastiat cited on polish, czech, and italian sites
 (and of course, there's still that swedish one with translations).

* Not directly Bastiat-related, but I was very pleased to find this etext:
  Henry Hazlitt's "The Foundations of Morality"

Yours freely,

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