Free Bastiat (The Law) Audio Book ...

Art Pollard
Wed, 23 Jul 2003 00:41:22 -0600

I just came back from the studio where I had the text of Bastiat's book The 
Law converted into audio book format.  I think that the performer did an 
excellent job and that the quality of the recording came out excellently.

I have converted it to .mp3 format (which unfortunately sacrifices some 
audio quality for file size) and have posted it to my website:

You are more than welcome to download the two files that comprise the 
Bastiat / The Law audio book.  In fact, you are more than welcome to post 
the audio book on your website, burn it to CD, share it via Morpheous or 
Kazzaa, or give it away some other way.

I did this mostly as a labor of love since The Law has been so influential 
to my thinking.

I am hoping to convert some of Bastat's other work to audio book format as 
time (and especially money) allow.  (So if you feel like making a donation 
.... grovel ... grovel ... ;-)

Anyway, free to download, free to share, free free free.

Hope you all enjoy it.

Art Pollard
Suppliers of High Performance Text Retrieval Engines.