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Mon Oct 4 09:32:58 PDT 2004

please see this headline article in usa today

this is further and very good reason that government should not be part of health care.  the average household's share of national debt is $473,456.  and you thought your med school loans were incredible.  here is the kicker- 56.5% (267,857 per household) of that debt is due to Medicare alone.
to alleviate the problem there would need to be a PERMANENT doubling of federal taxes and 20% increase in state taxes.  these are usa todays numbers, but reflect calculation by both liberal and conservative organizations. 
The article cites Galbraith as optimistic because we can print money, but that is just taxation by inflation which hits the poor the hardest, and cause havoc to economic order.
the truth is that we are not as rich a country as we think we are.  government handouts are now imploding on themselves.  

since it is election season I'll add this in Bush has a horrible fiscal record and Kerry has horrible voting record and has promised to outspend Bush.  the only hope is gridlock, oppose parties in congress and presidential.  that's what keep Clinton's spending down.

"pay thy debt and live" 2 kings 4:7
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