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Heidi Morris heidimorris at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 8 12:20:11 PDT 2004


I'm new to this mailing list.  I'm a junior at Hillsdale College, majoring in economics.  I'm an officer in the Classical Liberals campus club (www.hillsdaleliberals.com/weblog.html) and very interested in Austrian economics.  I feel that Bastiat was a very major precursor to Austrian economics.  Anyway, by way of introducing myself to this group I thought I'd send a link to a paper I finished about 6 weeks ago, about Basitat: http://geocities.com/sindanarmo03/2004.0715.murphy.BASTIAT.htm 


Heidi Morris
Junior, Economics Major
Hillsdale College


Heidi Corinne
heidimorris at earthlink.net
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