pensions and natality

Francois-Rene Rideau
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 03:05:39 +0200

Before someone replies, I want to add a few remarks.

Firstly, that in most (all?) civilizations other than liberal democracy
savings and mutual funds weren't reliably possible but to a tiny,
minority having sufficient capital, and successfully breeding respectful
children was the only way to ensure one's old days.

Secondly, that from a cybernetical/memetical point of view,
successful breeding of children is the perhaps one most important
thing for the parents as well as for the children, for the society
and for the species at large!

Thirdly, that a stable atmosphere of economical welfare and
security depends on individual responsibility as well as respect of
family, and is indeed strongly correlated to growth of population
through natality.

Fourthly, that it is still completely illusory to pretend achieving
the causes (welfare) by encouraging the effects (natality). It's really
like pretending to fight an illness by removing the symptoms, and results
at best in a waste of resource (accompanied by the consequential
additional disbalance to the catallactic equilibria), as well as
the growth of the ignored illness.

Fifthly, that the essential illness of the french system is IMNSHO its
overly central state management (also reproduced at a smaller scale
within french companies), and the complete citizen deresponsibilization
that follows.

Best regards,

PS: I didn't know you were father yet. Congratulations (and greetings)
to your wife, David!

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