Free Software! (was: Harlequin Is Back!)

Francois-Rene Rideau
14 Jul 1999 21:40:02 +0200

Kent M Pitman <> writes:

> What CL needs to fix this, more than anything, is a technology
> bridge so that anything created in the other world is automatically
> annexed by Lisp.  Vendors really MUST sell all of their bridge
> technology as part of their base system and keep the cost low.
> If you charge for CORBA, people have a reason not to use it.
> If you charge for SQL, people have a reason not to use it.
> If you make a Java RMI interface, and charge for it, people
> will have reason not to use it.

And if you make the base system, and charge for it,
people will have a reason not to use it.

No, nothing.

After this january's flamewar on comp.lang.lisp, I am convinced that
c.l.l is definitely not the place to discuss issues of free software.
And I wish to apologize again for the noise it brought to the newsgroup,
and for the less than optimal behavior that was mine during it.
But in case people lisp people are interested in discussing the issue,
I wish to make sure they are aware of a forum where they can.
I've setup a mailing list where such discussions are perfectly on-topic.
You can browse/search its archive and subscribe to it/unsubscribe from it
at following URL:
I think followups to this article should go there.

PS: does CL-HTTP run stably on CMUCL? It would be nice to replace
the klugy existing framework of Apache+CGI(Perl) with a free LISP platform!
Hum, as an exception, answers to this question would I think
be welcome as a c.l.l. followup.

PPS: once again, I'd like to point out the possible relevance of my article
        Metaprogramming and Free Availability of Sources

Best regards,

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