Metaprogramming and Free Availability of Sources

Francois-Rene Rideau
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 01:27:18 +0200

On Sun, Jun 27, 1999 at 12:04:23PM -0700, wrote:
>> [about the duty to acknowledge the truth]
> some may feel they have a duty to always acknowledge the truth; however,
> i feel that lies should only be punished in the case of a formal claims
> (which would include people's claim as to who wrote what software, if
> their claim was clearly of a formal nature);
Yes. However, it could be considered that a public sale of software
should include a compulsory formal claim about who its authors are...

> non-disclosure of information
> should never be punished, except perhaps in cases where the concealed
> information would reveal a crime (i.e., "judicial conflict").

> [About copyleft]
> also, i've wondered why the american Libertarian Party has not taken
> a stand on this issue?
It can't be worse than in France, my friend,
where the politicians most "actively" doing things for free software
are the socialists in power. Go figure.

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