Article: "Patents Are An Economic Absurdity"

Francois-Rene Rideau
Fri, 8 Dec 2000 18:56:20 +0100

Dear all,
   I just completed an article that I wish to submit to the
European Commission during its consultation on the opportunity
to extend european patent law to cover software:

	"Patents Are An Economic Absurdity"

This article contains a detailed analysis of economical,
technological, and social effects of patents, in terms
(I hope) understandable by anyone.
I'd appreciate your comments and suggestions
so as to amend and better it, before I submit it.

After it has been proof-read and corrected, I would also like
to publish it the most widely in newspapers, journals, etc,
or wherever it can reach the widest readership.
I request your advice and opinion as to how this can be done.

Yours freely,

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What a lot of trouble to prove in political economy that two and two make four;
and if you succeed in doing so, people cry, 'It is so clear that it is boring.'
Then they vote as if you had never proved anything at all.
	-- Frederic Bastiat, "What Is Seen and What is Not Seen", 1850