Emergence of behavior through software

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Wed, 4 Oct 2000 13:12:18 -0700

From: Alik Widge [mailto:aswst16+@pitt.edu]
>btanksley@hifn.com wrote:

>> IMO, a better way is to scrap all of the talk about AI, and instead
>> implement Intelligence Amplification (IA).  People are 
>> already smart and

>> which displays certain aspects of human behavior -- for example, it's
>> going to have to recognise when the human's expressing a 
>> vision, and "buy in" to it.

>Visions are awfully vague things, and I don't see what you 
>mean by buying in.

It's a marketing term.  A "vision" is an expression of what you want the
future to be.  "Buying in" is when the person who hears the vision adopts it
as their own, and it's marked by certain predictable behaviors.  I'm not
saying that the software should do voice recognition and parse for
future-tense subjunctives; I would expect that the user would have to
explicitly phrase commands.  The point is that the way humans are built,
seeing "buy-in" is a rewarding experience.

So humans seeing buy-in will be motivated to learn to work more of the
system so they'll be able to do more.