[gclist] GC and OODBMSes: any experience?

Lassi A. Tuura Lassi.Tuura@cern.ch
Tue, 03 Dec 1996 17:25:15 +0100


Thanks for your input.  BTW, which product was this for?  Objectivity?

You wrote:
> >Note that I am currently not interested in garbage collecting the
> >database (GCing 10 petabytes would take a bit too long :-) but just
>   petabytes??

Yes, you read it right, petabytes (10^15 bytes).  But not yet.  We'll
start in 2005, right now we are still investigating.  I suppose within
next couple of years we'll throw an order of a few hundreds of terabytes
at it to test performance.  The garbage collection would make a lot of
things easier to analyse the data we collect, while the persistent data
does not really require GC -- at least not at this point.

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