[gclist] GC and OODBMSes: any experience?

Charles Fiterman cef@geode.geodesic.com
Tue, 03 Dec 1996 09:41:30 +0000

>Note that I am currently not interested in garbage collecting the
>database (GCing 10 petabytes would take a bit too long :-) but just
>using the collector for transient data.  I imagine that if the database
>does not hold secret root pointers, there shouldn't be any problems.

There are no serious problems as the database doesn't have pointers
back to program data. We had the following minor glitch. The database
used VirtualAlloc (NT Microsoft C++) to get storage and we treated
the data it got that way as root segments. Since they were large
and in fact had no pointers scanning them was inneficent. We added
a gcAddLeafRoot(void * startRoot, size_t sizeRoot) function to tell
the collector that these areas didn't have to be scanned.

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