[gclist] GC and OODBMSes: any experience?

Lassi A. Tuura Lassi.Tuura@cern.ch
Tue, 03 Dec 1996 15:21:10 +0100

Has anyone on this list experience in using C++ conservative garbage
collectors with object databases?  We are currently considering
Objectivity/DB in particular, but information about any products would
be interesting.

It might be that these two can work together without any problems, and
that is what the database vendor said should be the case.  However, they
did not know of anyone trying to use GC in C++ in this context.

Note that I am currently not interested in garbage collecting the
database (GCing 10 petabytes would take a bit too long :-) but just
using the collector for transient data.  I imagine that if the database
does not hold secret root pointers, there shouldn't be any problems.

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