[gclist] Guardians

Carl Bruggeman bruggema@ranger.uta.edu
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 10:26:02 -0500

> Your paper also discussed an option for future investigation: registering an 
> along with the object. When the object is unreachable, the agent is placed on
 the queue. It
> subsumes the current approach since the object itself could be used as the ag
> I was wondering if you'd implemented this, and what your experiences with it 
> g

Shortly after the conference we started to implement agents but ran into
some snags.  I don't recall the details off hand (I will see if I
can find my notes) but I seem to remember that using agents required 
modifications to the collection algorithm that we found unpalatable at
the time, and so we tabled the idea for future re-consideration.