[gclist] Garbage Collection Job Openings

Michael Spertus mps@geodesic.com
Fri, 22 Aug 1997 16:27:25 -0500

Note: This is a commercial posting.

If you have ever wanted the opportunity to do cutting edge development work
in garbage collection for a living, now is your chance. Add in the chance to
get in on the ground floor of a startup that is already experiencing success
in the marketplace, together with the opportunity to publish, this may be a
unique opportunity for the GC hacker.

Our company, Geodesic Systems (http://www.geodesic.com), is a rapidly
growing startup that develops and markets a conservative garbage collector
(distantly descended from the Boehm collector) that has received rave
reviews from both our customers and media, including BYTE, InfoWeek,
Datapro, Software Development, ENT, Windows Magazine, etc. 

We currently have three openings in development. 

Please reply to mps@geodesic.com.

Senior Developer
* Doctorate or equivalent work experience.
* Experience in designing and implementing garbage collection.
* Systems programming background.
* Strong background in C, C++, and Java.
* Familiarity with the Boehm collector a plus.
* Applicant not required to relocate to Chicago.
* Hard-working, disciplined, and motivated.
* Outstanding benefits.
* Generous stock option plan
* Opportunity to publish.

* Strong C,C++ developer
* Experience in garbage collection and systems programming a plus
* Familiarity with the Boehm collector a plus.
* Hard-working, disciplined, and motivated.
* Generous stock option plan
* Outstanding benefits.

Development Manager (Chicago)
* 1-2 years minimum experience in C/C++ project management, including
successfully bringing projects in on time and within budget
* Experience managing a staff of at least three C/C++ developers 
* Successful track record of working with Product Management to collectively
research, define, develop, produce and maintain C/C++ software development
tools * 1-3 years experience in writing and maintaining C/C++ code, and
willingness to continue to do so 
* Hard-working, disciplined, and motivated.
* Generous stock option plan
* Outstanding benefits.

Michael Spertus                            mps@geodesic.com
Geodesic Systems                           (312) 832-1221
414 N Orleans, Suite 410                   http://www.geodesic.com
Chicago, IL 60610