[gclist] Mars Rover info from comp.risks

Geert Bosch geert@sun3.iaf.nl
Wed, 10 Dec 97 16:38:59 +0100

On Wed, 10 Dec 1997 07:03:32 -0800 (PST), Henry G. Baker wrote:
>L. Sha, R. Rajkumar, and J. P. Lehoczky. Priority Inheritance Protocols: An
>Approach to Real-Time Synchronization. In IEEE Transactions on Computers,
>vol. 39, pp. 1175-1185, Sep. 1990.

Note that this is exactly one of the reasons why Ada95 has a priority
mechanism that is based on Sha's and Baker's work. The Ada tasking model 
guarantees that priority-inversion is bounded, so rate-monotonic analysis 
can be used to check that a set of Ada tasks will be able to meat its 

See also the paper of Ted Baker:

T. Baker, "Stack-Based scheduling of Realtime Processes". 
The Real-Time Systems Journal 3(1): 67-100, March, 1991.

The Ada-95 Rationale, Annex D (Realtime systems) makes also
for good reading. See http://www.adahome.com for a link to this.