[gclist] Java manchines and when to collect.

Eliot & Linda elcm@pacbell.net
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 13:09:57 -0800

Paul Haahr wrote:
> Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote, quoting Mark Tillotson:
> > > In fact aren't there some interesting theoretical research issues in
> > > designing type-systems that can be secure, and yet give a language
> > > the power to write its own storage-manager/GC ??
> >
> > Yep.  I suspect you need a considerably more powerful type system than
> > Java's though, but I haven't really looked into it.  Are there any
> > languages which can implement their own storage manager?
> I think the Boehm, et al, collector is an existence proof for C.  But
> there are fewer such things for type-safe languages.  (The Lisp machines
> might count, but how do you categorize the hardware support?)

I think Squeak counts.  Squeak is a Smalltalk-80 implementation written
in itself that uses a Smalltalk-to-C translator to generate an efficient
interpreter.  The Smalltalk dialect used is a subset of full SMalltalk. 
I.e. it is assumed there's no polymorphism and that closures are only
passed down-wards (hotwards?).  Hence it translates directly into
procedural C with in-lined closures etc.

Eliot Miranda