[gclist] Reference counting on the fingers of one thumb.

Mauk van der Laan maatwerk@euronet.nl
Sat, 1 Feb 1997 20:25:09 +0100

John Carter wrote:

> I am glad that there are at least some other people around the world
> that don't believe that language design is a "solved problem". Those
> who believe that there is life beyond existing languages are a rare
> breed these days...

I agree. I worked on a new language a couple of years ago. It had a 
C-like syntax, was object-oriented and had garbage collection. 
Furthermore, it produced bytecode.

Everyone told me that there was no market for a new language, that 
an interpreter would be too slow, and that no-one would ever change to
another language. Then came Java...

Mauk van der Laan