[gclist] Reference counting on the fingers of one thumb.

Daniel Wang danwang@CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon, 13 Jan 1997 08:50:25 -0500

>>>>> "John" == John Carter <john@dwaf-hri.pwv.gov.za> writes:

    John> Greetings Collectors, I have been contemplating designing a new
    John> programming language.

    John> One of the ideas I have been having results in a unusual form of
    John> garbage collection.

    John> I thought I would bounce this idea of the esteemed members of the
    John> list and see if I can learn anything from the hisses and boos.

    John> My idea is that the programming language should enforce a "one
    John> object, one place" world view. (I'm in my office now, I can't be
    John> in the office and in the bathroom at the same time.) The reason
    John> for trying to do this, is the "one-object one place" paradigm is
    John> something our minds are trained on since toddlerhood. (The block
    John> is on the floor, it is no longer in my hand, WAAAH!) Thus I argue,
    John> if the computer world mimicked our spatial world more closely we
    John> would tend to create fewer bugs.

What you have sounds an awful like linear types/linear logics. Linear types
have been studie quite a bit and there's been a good deal of theoretical
work in this area. I'm a bit at lost for a URL or reference now. I'm
sure an alta-vista search will turn something up though..'