[gclist] that was a joke... (GC survey & Java GC)

Paul R. Wilson wilson@cs.utexas.edu
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 17:54:42 -0500

Before anyone takes it seriously, I should point out that the
paper I sent out pointer to, by Shin and Kim,
is mostly lifted verbatim from the short version of my GC survey,
complete with diagrams.  (You can get the original from my web page
in the original American.)

I just thought it was amusing that they lifted my text wholesale,
but translated parts of it into slightly-broken Koreanized English.

(Does anybody recognize where the part about Java comes from?)

BTW, I don't detect anything really skeevy here.  If they were
up to anything nefarious, they wouldn't have put it on the web 
with a link to the original.

Pretty nice job of translation into html, too!