[gclist] Finalization and object orientation.

stuart stuart@cosc.canterbury.ac.nz
Fri, 28 Mar 1997 12:51:27 +1200

> Finalization in Java is indeed poorly specified.  If I had
> speculate at the reasons for this, my hunch would be to allow
> normal process-level cleanup to handle everything (if so
> desired by the VM implementer) rather than delaying process
> termination while a bunch of (redundant) finalizers are run.

this assumes that java is being run 
 * in a user-level process, not as [part of] the kernel
 * as a process of bounded execution duration and complexity

my feelings are that the GC/finalisation issues were felt 
poorly specified to avoid portibility problems and becuase
java was designed for low-level things, and no one had ever
written a GC/finaliser sub-system for things at that level
before. (or not to my knowledge)


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