[gclist] Finalization releasing resources

johnm-gclist@non.net johnm-gclist@non.net
27 Mar 1997 22:52:56 -0000

>>>>> "Mimir" == Mimir Reynisson <skelmir@qualia.com> writes:
[...Java GC & finalization...]
> If I remember correctly the spec do say that implementation may explictly
> force gc and finalization when you ask for certain resources. Such as
> bitmaps, files, sockets, etc .. some implementation specific heuristics
> would apply.

Nope.  The JLS only says that calls to gc() and runFinalization() will do a
"best effort".  You can interpret that any way you like but it seems
reasonably clear that the designers really do mean that nothing *has* to be
done for those calls.

You can, however, call an object's finalize() method yourself.

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