[gclist] region inferencing

P. T. Withington ptw@harlequin.com
Thu, 6 Nov 1997 12:13:34 -0500

1-line summary:  region inference == flow analysis at compile time for data
liveness so the compiler can do correct, explicit deallocation.

[quoted from the gc-list archives]

>From: haahr@netcom.com (Paul Haahr)
>Date: Sat, 17 Aug 1996 09:38:38 -0700
>Subject: Re: [gclist] Compiler lifetime analysis


>Mads Tofte has done some work on what I would call the extreme end of
>this approach:  associating every object, at allocation time, with a
>stack frame, and deallocating it when that frame exits.  Obviously, the
>designated frame can be much earlier in the stack than the one in which
>the allocation occurs.
>As I remember, the work was done with closed-world analysis of ML
>programs, called region analysis, where type signatures are extended
>with annotations describing lifetimes of allocated objects.
>For details, see Tofte's publications, which generally can be found from
>http://www.diku.dk/users/tofte/publ/publ.html.  A couple of the more
>relevant sounding titles are:
>  A Theory of Stack Allocation in Polymorphically Typed Languages
>    http://www.diku.dk/users/tofte/publ/93.15.dvi
>  From region inference to von Neumann Machines via region
>  representation inference
>    http://www.diku.dk/users/tofte/publ/popl96.dvi

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