[gclist] CFP: ISMM '98 (Int'l. Symp. on Mem. Mgt., October, Vancouver)

Paul R. Wilson wilson@cs.utexas.edu
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 07:25:01 -0600

                          Call For Papers 


                      Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN 

                 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
                  October 15-17 (provisional), 1998
       Immediately preceding and co-located with ACM OOPSLA '98

The International Symposium on Memory Management is a forum for research
in several related areas of memory management, especially garbage 
collection and dynamic storage allocators.  Areas of interest include but
are not limited to:

   * Garbage Collection: generational, incremental, fault-tolerant,
     and distributed GC, garbage collection of processes and non-memory 
     resources; language-independent GC services; GC of persistent
     object stores and databases

   * Dynamic storage allocators, including traditional malloc/free
     libraries and other storage management frameworks

   * Interactions with memory hierarchies: locality of storage management;
     effects of data placement on program locality;  clustering;  compact
     encodings and compressed memory

   * Language, compiler, and OS interactions with garbage collection and
     memory allocation; hardware and OS design in support of memory

   * Implementation issues: scheduling heuristics, data and type
     representations, external interfaces, internal abstractions and
     implementation layering;

   * Empirical studies of program behavior relevant to storage management,
     such as object lifetimes, phase behavior, and object-referencing

   * Profiling, performance tuning, and automatic coordination of memory
     management with program behavior.

  Formerly known as IWMM (the International Workshop on Memory Management)
ISMM continues in the tradition of the successful IWMM's held in 1992
(St. Malo, France) and IWMM 1995 (Kinross, Scotland).  Proceedings of
these conferences are available from Springer-Verlag (Lecture Notes in
Computer Science no. 637 and no. 986).  Proceedings of ISMM '98 will be 
published by Springer-Verlag or ACM.  (Note: the conference dates are 
subject to slight change, e.g., by a day or two.)

Submission Information

Submitted papers must clearly describe new ideas or experimental 
results which have not been previously published in refereed journals 
or conferences.  Papers should clearly explain the significant 
contributions and their relationship to previous work.  Papers will
be judged on originality, clarity, relevance, and soundness of methodology.
Important methodological issues will be discussed in the Guidelines
for ISMM Papers, which authors are strongly encouraged to read well in
advance of submission.

Papers should be submitted electronically, in PostScript printable on
all common laser printers;  in addition, an abstract of 100-200 words
should be submitted.  (Other arrangements require advance approval
by the program chair.)  Papers should not exceed 6000 words.  Authors
should read the Guidelines for ISMM Papers, which contain advice on content
as well as formatting and submission information.  The Guidelines and the
final Call for papers will be available on the ISMM '98 Home Page.

Important dates: 

  * Paper Submission: May 15, 1998 
  * Notification of acceptance or rejection: July 1, 1998
  * Final camera-ready papers due: Aug 1, 1998

Conference Committee

Simon Peyton Jones, general chair
Paul R. Wilson, program chair
J. Eliot B. Moss, treasurer 
F. Warren Burton, local arrangements
Richard Jones, proceedings

     Program Committee (provisional)

Hans-Juergen Boehm, Silicon Graphics Inc. 
Peter Dickman, University of Glasgow 
Georges Gonthier, INRIA Rocquencourt
Antony L. Hosking, Purdue University 
Richard Jones, University of Kent at Canterbury 
J. Eliot B. Moss, University of Massachussetts 
Scott Nettles, University of Pennsylvania 
Marc Shapiro, INRIA Rocquencourt 
Guy L. Steele Jr., Sun Microsystems Laboratories 
Paul R. Wilson, University of Texas at Austin 

     Web pages of related interest

The ISMM '98 home page: 


Contents of IWMM '95 proceedings:


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