[gclist] Detlef's Run-time Typing RCMap

Cppljevans@aol.com Cppljevans@aol.com
Tue, 13 Apr 1999 16:36:42 EDT

In the article "Garbage Collection and Run-time Typing as a C++ Library" 
(from the _1992 Usenix C++ Conference Proceedings_) David L. Detlef described 
a method of generating a map of internal pointers, RCMap, for each garbage 
collected c++ class without compiler support.  However, I've been unable to 
find anyone else using this method.  In particular, Attardi's "A Customizable 
Memory Management Framework" from the 1994 USENIX C++ Conference 
Proceedings_, does not mention this article; yet, Attardi's implementation 
has, in file cmm.cpp, a method, GmmObject::getFieldTable, which is 
essentially Detlef''s RCMap.  However, this is optionally included in the 
source (via #if..#endif), and I didn't find how he calculated this. This code 
is at /pub /project /posso /cmm /cmm-1-9.tgz at ftp.di.unipi.it .  

Would someone please give me some reference or source code which uses 
Detlef's method, or can anyone explain some flaws in the method which might 
explain why it has not been used?  I'm currently implementing the method and 
would also like to know of any improvements.

Thanks for any help.