[gclist] Jones & Lins's book

Kragen Sitaker kragen@pobox.com
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 12:58:51 -0400 (EDT)

I just got the Jones & Lins book ("Garbage Collection") a week or two
ago.  I was disappointed to discover I'd gotten the November 1997
printing, since reportedly the new printing has some errors corrected,
including several that I found.  [I note that some of these errors
would probably have been obvious if the algorithms in the book had been
written in a real programming language and tested before the book was

I was reading it today on my way to work.  After I got off the bus, I
went to McDonald's and got some food.  It was raining when I left, so I
asked for a paper bag to keep the rain off the book, as I had to walk
some distance from the McDonald's to work.  As it is rather a large
book, I had to get rather a large bag.

As I walked out the door carrying the book in the bag, it occurred to
me that the book was composed of pages, so I was carrying a Big Bag of

Finding the book was not easy; of course, my local bookstore didn't
carry it, so I had to special-order it.  In the process, I discovered
that Books in Print lists it under the wrong title (at least, a title
that's not the same as the one printed in 100-point letters on the
front cover) and has it categorized as being about "Refuse and Refuse

I'm really enjoying the book, by the way.

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