[gclist] Jones & Lins's book

Nick Barnes Nick.Barnes@pobox.com
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 16:48:31 +0100

At 1999-04-16 21:32:21+0000, Kragen Sitaker writes:
> mpg at geodesic writes:
> >  See, for instance, Sedgewick's
> > excellent book, _Algorithms in C_, in which most of the code doesn't
> > even compile, much less work correctly.
> Are you sure you're thinking about Sedgewick?  Most of the
> illustrations in his book are generated by modified versions of the
> programs he exhibits, so he must have gotten them working at some point
> :)

The key word here is "modified".  In the edition of Sedgewick I used
ten years ago (in which ISTR the examples were in Modula-2 or possibly
Pascal), many of the examples would not compile and many of those
which did compile did not perform the algorithm which they purported
to illustrate.

The honourable exception to this rule is of course Knuth's AoCP, the
examples in later editions of which all work excellently.  On your
handy neighbourhood MIX emulator.

Nick B