[gclist] Re: Advice requested

Philip Lijnzaad lijnzaad@ebi.ac.uk
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 12:29:14 +0100 (BST)

> but the algorithms that I've seen for that don't include
> || binding to other languages or distributed garbage collection. Do any exist?

> Distributed GC algorithms for C++ do exist.  Take a look at
> http://www-sor.inria.fr/projects/sspc.  

Apparently, the Train algorithm is well suited to distributed garbage
collection; see http://www.daimi.aau.dk/~beta/Papers/Train/train.html

I have no idea what the current status is of this.

Also, you may want to have a look at an  overview of the issues involved in
distributed gc: http://www.objs.com/workshops/ws9801/papers/paper015.html

I hope the links are still valid. Cheers,

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