[gclist] Two conservative collectors

Larry Evans cppljevans@earthlink.net
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 10:32:01 -0600

Since both the Boehm and Geodesic collectors are conservative, there
is the possibility, however remote, that "false pointers" will cause
garbage to be retained. (I'm basing this conclusion on section titled
"Problems of conservative garbage collection" on p. 235 [JL96].)

How can a programmer detect whether this is happening in his program
and how easy is it to correct?  Also, if a programmer can precisely
identify the "internal" pointers, (as done in [DE92] with the "RC
Maps"), once at the beginning of the program (i.e. before the 1st
statement of main), then how could each of these collectors take
advantage of that information?

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