[gclist] Two conservative collectors

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Fri, 19 Nov 1999 09:37:49 +0100 (MET)

>>>>> "Larry" == Larry Evans <cppljevans@earthlink.net> writes:

    Larry> Since both the Boehm and Geodesic collectors are
    Larry> conservative, there is the possibility, however remote,
    Larry> that "false pointers" will cause garbage to be
    Larry> retained. 

    Larry> How can a programmer detect whether this is happening in
    Larry> his program and how easy is it to correct?  Also, if a
    Larry> programmer can precisely identify the "internal" pointers,
    Larry> [...] once at the beginning of the program

To complete postings by H.Boehms and C.Fiterman: The CMM collector (by
Giuseppe Attardi, Tito Flagella, Pietro Iglio, in Italy) is
conservative w.r.t the C++ call stack, but precise w.r.t C++ objects.
In other words CMM scan C++ objects precisesly, knowing where their
pointer fields are (thru a virtual method iterating on them)

CMM is (probably) unmaintained. It is available at

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