[gclist] GC performance comparison for various JVMs

Tom Tromey tromey@cygnus.com
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 16:40:35 -0700

>>>>> "Hans" == Boehm, Hans <hboehm@exch.hpl.hp.com> writes:

Hans> If we give the collector a tiny bit of type information (as gcj
Hans> should, but may not),

libgcj adds a new mark proc that knows how to mark Java objects.
These objects are scanned precisely.  Is that what you mean?

We're still running a relatively old version of your collector, though
(4.13alpha2).  Nobody has yet found the time to import a newer

Hans> My guess is that for typical applications, and in the absence of
Hans> static object lifetime analysis in gcj, the HotSpot collector
Hans> will usually win, but rarely by a large amount.

As you surmise, we don't do any static lifetime analysis in gcj.  We
might someday, I guess, but there aren't any concrete plans.