[gclist] Boehm gc with STL from gcc 2.95.2?

Benjamin Geer benjamin.geer@btinternet.com
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 00:28:44 +0100

I'm resending this message because it doesn't seem to have gone
through the first time.  My apologies if anyone gets it twice.

Has anyone got the Boehm-Demers-Weiser collector working with the
version of the STL that's included in gcc 2.95.2?  I tried the
gc_alloc.h supplied with gc, and got a lot of compiler errors in the
STL header files.  I then tried compiling gc with
-DREDIRECT_MALLOC=GC_malloc and -DIGNORE_FREE, since the default STL
allocator seems to use malloc, but this had no effect as far as I
could tell.  (I included gc_cpp.h, derived a class Foo from
gc_cleanup, and put some pointers to Foos in an STL list; destructors
weren't called on those objects when the list went out of scope, not
even after calling GC_gcollect().)  I'm using gc5.0alpha4 on Linux

Benjamin Geer