[gclist] speaking of patents...

Florian Weimer fw@deneb.enyo.de
Sat, 15 Dec 2001 23:14:23 +0100

"Emery Berger" <emery@cs.utexas.edu> writes:

> I received a letter last night and another this morning from the CEO of
> MicroQuill, Inc., asking me to "cease & desist" distribution of a
> pre-release version of Hoard (www.hoard.org, a scalable memory
> allocator).

You're writing from an .edu address.  At least here in Germany, you
cannot infringe patents by publishing research results.  Is this
different in the US?

> It seems to me that in addition to me, Geodesic would plainly be
> violating this patent. The patent filing date is August 1996, and I
> can't believe there isn't substantial prior art.

It might be possible that there is no prior art for the cominbation of
DLL code injection and heap manager replacement. :-(

Could you post the patent number?  I can't find this patent in the
USPTO database.