[gclist] CFP: Third Workshop on Hardware Support for Objects and Microarchitectures for Java

Mario Wolczko Mario Wolczko <mario@eng.sun.com>
Fri, 1 Jun 2001 15:52:41 -0700 (PDT)

		       Third Annual Workshop on
		     Hardware Support for Objects
		   and Microarchitectures for Java

			Call for participation

		    In conjunction with ICCD 2001
			    Austin, Texas
			September 23, 2001

Java is an exciting new object-oriented technology. Hardware for
supporting objects and other features of Java such as multithreading,
dynamic linking and loading is the focus of this workshop. The impact
of Java's features on micro-architectural resources and issues in the
design of Java-specific architectures are interesting topics that
require the immediate attention of the research community. While Java
has become an important part of desktop applications, it is now being
used widely in high-end server markets, and making forays into low-end
embedded computing. Papers focussing on these emerging areas are
particularly invited.

The purpose of this workshop is to draw together researchers and
practitioners concerned with hardware support for objects and Java
implementations for a stimulating exchange of views.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to): 

 - Microarchitectural features for object-oriented systems, especially
   their quantitative evaluation  
 - Measurements of hardware-level behavior of object-oriented systems 
 - Design of Java Virtual Machines: resource, power and performance
 - Tuning Java compilers and applications to efficiently utilize
   hardware resources 
 - Memory hierarchies for supporting objects 
 - Instruction set designs and enhancements to support objects and
   Java execution.  
 - Real Time/Energy Aware Garbage Collectors 
 - Constraint Aware Java Runtime 

The format of the workshop will include presentations of selected
papers and plenty of time for discussion. There is currently a
proposal for selected papers from the workshop to be published as a
book volume.

Submission information

Authors should send an electronic version of their papers in PDF
format to Vijay Narayanan, vijay@cse.psu.edu.

Submissions should be no more than six pages long (12 pt font,
including figures and tables). The cover page should include

  2.Authors and affiliation, 
  3.E-mail address of the contact author, 
  4.An abstract describing the contributions, and 
  5.Body of the paper. 

Due dates are:
July 10, 2001: Manuscript - maximum six pages
August 10, 2001: Notification of acceptance
August 20, 2001: Final paper for the Proceedings 

Previous Workshops

Web sites for the first and second workshops are at
http://www.sun.com/labs/people/mario/iccd99whso/ and


Workshop Co-Chairs:

Vijaykrishnan Narayanan, Penn State Univ.
Mario Wolczko, Sun Microsystems Inc. 

Program Committee

Rajesh Borwakar, Argonne National Lab
Manish Gupta, IBM
Timothy Heil, University of Wisconsin
Lizy John, Univ. of Texas at Austin
Mahmut Kandemir, Penn State Univ.
Uhlrich Kremer, Rutgers Univ.
Vijaykrishnan Narayanan, Penn State Univ.
Ramesh Radhakrishnan, Dell
Matthew Seidl, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Mario Wolczko, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Greg Wright, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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