[gclist] Garbage collection and XML

Ji-Yong D. Chung virtualcyber@erols.com
Thu, 1 Mar 2001 02:44:23 -0500


    I am trying to modify a c++ XML parser library,
so that it uses a GC.

    I have just begun my effort, and I am curious
what garbage collector/memory management
forum had to say about XML DOM and SAX 
specification and/or parser implementations.

    In particular, I was wondering how well XML
parsers (DOM and SAX) might get along with
 today's garbage collection/memory management 
techniques.  (Perhaps my question is ridiculously too
general).  Does the fact that DOM interface is a tree
structure manipulation tool make any difference?

    I will be grateful and satisfied with first impressions, 
general comments, in fact anything about garbage
collection and memory management of XML parsers, 
spec, etc.