[gclist] Canonical citation for "memory pools"

Emery Berger emery@cs.utexas.edu
Thu, 1 Mar 2001 23:43:43 -0600

> Does anyone have a canonical citation for "memory pools/arenas? i.e. The
> memory management scheme where you allocate several objects in one big
> chunck of space and deallocate all the objects in one go. I need it for a
> related work section of a paper. Ideally, someone can claim
> credit for being
> the first to publish this idea. Larger works that include this kind of
> scheme as a part of a whole  are just as good.

Aiken & Gray's PLDI 1998 paper "Memory Management with Explicit Regions"
cites a number of authors for (regions|zones|groups|arenas).


The earliest citation is for "zones" [D. T. Ross. The AED free storage
package. Communications of the ACM, 10(8):481-492, August 1967]. See also
Paul Wilson's DSA survey -- page 48 describes the Ross paper and mentions
(with a citation) that others had earlier used similar schemes.


-- Emery

Emery Berger