[gclist] Garbage collection and XML

Bill Foote Bill.Foote@eng.sun.com
Tue, 06 Mar 2001 14:56:44 +0100

"Richard A. O'Keefe" wrote:
>         Really interesting results.  What you have shown here, though,
>         does not seem to be that DOM API is terribly bad for memory savings.
>         Rather, it seems to show that DOM implementations should use shared
>         strings/attributes.
> If you follow the letter of the DOM specification (the CORBA IDL, not the
> Java and Javascript bindings) that is not *allowed*.
> I think you may have overlooked one point I made, which is that the
> DOM flatly and unconditionally *requires* that strings be sequences of
> 16-bit characters.  That's a factor of two overhead in space, even if
> a DOM implementation *were* to use shared strings.

How on Earth did they manage to word a normative requirement that does

Surely, if I store strings UTF-8 encoded in an immutable string type, there's
no way for an application to tell I'm sharing strings behind the scenes.  I
have trouble imagining wording that could place a testable normative requirement
like this on an API.  I'm genuinely curious; what wording in the DOM spec says


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