[gclist] Garbage collection and XML

Bob Kerns Bob.Kerns@brightware.com
Wed, 7 Mar 2001 09:42:07 -0800

String foo = dosomething();
synchronized (foo) {

As he said, every object can be used for synchronization. Synchronized
methods effectively wrap

synchronized (this) {

around the body of the method, but you can synchronize on any object at any

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On 07-Mar-2001, Boehm, Hans <hans_boehm@hp.com> wrote:
> You could presumably also synchronize on the strings, effectively turning
> them into locks.  In that case sharing might result in unexpected lock
> contention or deadlock.  The fact that every object can be used for
> synchronization means that in some sense nothing is immutable.

How would you synchronize on the strings?
The java.lang.String class is declared `final', so you can't
inherit from it, and AFAIK there are no synchronized methods
in java.lang.String.

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