[gclist] collector optimization

David Chase David.Chase@naturalbridge.com
11 Mar 2001 21:06:44 -0500

At 08:50 PM 3/11/2001 -0500, Ji-Yong D. Chung wrote:
>   I don't deal with code generator for SPARC, so my knowledge here
>is limited -- but if I understand you right, you are basically replacing
>dead code with instructions for zeroing pointers that will no longer be
>referenced?  That seems to make sense.
>    I will try to zero out all useless pointers/values from local variables.
>in function calls.  (Does this gain you much, though, I still wonder)

One thing to watch out for here -- if you are generating
code at the C level, and you insert assignments to zero
out dead pointers, and you feed it to a decent C compiler,
it will turn right around and remove those nulling assignments.

After all, you're assigning values to a DEAD VARIABLE, right?
Most times, you'd want the compiler to get rid of those
assignments :-).

David Chase