[gclist] Boehm GC & Linux/SPARC

Fergus Henderson fjh@cs.mu.oz.au
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 07:37:03 +1100

Q1: is there a boehm-gc-developers mailing list?
Should there be?

Q2: Is anyone using the Boehm et al collector with Linux/SPARC?
There seems to be some code in it to handle that combination, but it
doesn't work.  I tried it (using cf.sourceforge.net) and found that it
crashes very early.  The definition of DATASTART using LINUX_DATA_START
doesn't work, because __data_start is not defined (both __data_start
and data_start are zero).

I had a look at the linker script (output by `ld -v'),
and based on that, I tried using __etext for DATASTART.
However, that didn't work, because there are some unmapped pages
between the rodata (which follows __etext) and the other data.
There didn't seem to be any linker-defined symbol I could use
to find the end of rodata or the start of the remaining data.

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