[gclist] My address is wrong.

David Chase chase@world.std.com
Thu, 04 Oct 2001 15:39:42 -0400

At 01:23 PM 10/4/2001 -0500, Charles Fiterman wrote:

I'll get to it in a bit; fortunately, I was able to
recall my ftp.iecc.com password.  As long as I am planning
to take a (brief) whack at it, does anyone else have
any other suggestions?  Part of the problem I have right
now is that much of what I have learned in recent years,
my current employer would regard as (rightly) proprietary.

>Also you need a prominent email address. 

>Do you need someone to write about finalizers?

I do and I don't -- the problem is, I think that just you
and me (never mind the rest of the people on this list)
have radically different opinions about what they are used
for.  It almost gets to the basic nature of garbage
collection.  We might be better off simply listing the
contentious issues, along with arguments from both sides,
just so that people understand what a mess it is.

David Chase