[gclist] Finalization and death notices

kkonaka@softalia.com kkonaka@softalia.com
Wed, 10 Oct 2001 09:19:38 -0400


 > 3) (near-death notice) The collector enqueues finalizable objects, and the
 > client decides when to run the finalizers.  This is essentially the Java2
 > java.lang.ref.PhantomReference approach.

really? what I have observed is PhantomReference gives back notices
only _after_ the GC subsystem have already run the finalizers:
so I was wondering if we can come up with some variant of
PhantomReference which does inform user program _before_ finalizers
are run - (still no definitive answer for this yet).
 I'm not at all sure if introduction of such Reference type
(call it like EarlyPhasePhantomReference, or SlightlyStrongPhantomReference;
whatever) would cause any catastrophic semantic trouble to java or not...

just wondering... / regards,