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Definitely of interest!


                First ACM/USENIX International Conference on 
                  Virtual Execution Environments (VEE'05)

                  joining ACM SIGPLAN IVME and USENIX VM
                    held in conjunction with PLDI 2005 
                      June 11-12, 2005, Chicago, Ill

    Research  results on virtual  execution engines  are scattered  among a
    number of  different venues in  the languages (VM, PLDI,  OOPSLA, IVME,
    ICFP), operating  systems (SOSP, OSDI), and  architecture (ASPLOS, CGO,
    PACT) communities.  The organizers of  the USENIX VM Symposium  and the
    ACM  SIGPLAN IVME Workshop  felt the  needs of  the community  would be
    better  served  by having  a  single  first-rate  conference address  a
    breadth of issues related  to virtual execution environments.  Thus, we
    are happy to announce a  new annual event: the ACM/USENIX Conference on
    Virtual Execution Environments (VEE).  The initial instantiation of VEE
    will  be  co-located  with  PLDI  2005  in  Chicago,  Illinois.  Future
    instances  of  the   conference  will  be  held  jointly   with  OS  or
    architecture conferences.

    VEE promises to be a unique forum that brings together leading practit-
    ioners and researchers  in the broad area that  includes topics such as
    interpreters,  high-level language virtual  machines (JVM,  CLR, etc.),
    machine emulators, translators, and machine simulators.

 Papers are solicited in areas including, but not limited to, the following:

  * Dynamic and high-level languages
  * Environment support for new languages features, 
    domain specific languages
  * Execution environments for trusted computing, security
  * Portable or retargetable interpreters
  * Dynamic compilation techniques
  * Binary translation and optimization systems
  * Mixed-mode interpretive/compiled systems
  * Distributed execution environments
  * Software-based processor/architecture simulators
  * Hardware implementations of VMs
  * Machine emulators
  * VMs and interpreters for real-time or 
    embedded environments
  * Garbage collection
  * VMs in servers and cluster environments
  * VM interactions in multi-VM environments
  * Scalability, simplicity and correctness issues
  * Experience reports

    Important Dates:
    Submission Deadlines:             February 18, 2005
    Author notification:              March 28, 2005
    Final paper due:                  April 15, 2005

    General Chair:                    Program Chair:
    Michael Hind,                     Jan Vitek, 
    IBM Research                      Purdue

    Program Committee:                 Steering Committee:

    Ole Agesen,         VMWare         Tarek Abdelrahman, U. Toronto 
    Brad Calder,        UCSD           Hans Boehm,        HP Labs
    Cliff Click         Azul Sys.      Michal Cierniak,   Microsoft
    Dave Detlefs,       Sun            Anton Ertl,        TU Wien
    Evelyn Duesterwald, IBM            Michael Franz,     UC Irvine
    Neal Glew,          Intel          David Gregg,       Trinity Col.Dublin
    Dave Grove,         IBM            Sam Midkiff,       Purdue 
    Tim  Harris,        Microsoft      Peter F. Sweeney,  IBM 
    Mike Hicks,         U. Maryland    Mario Wolczko,     SUN
    Richard Jones,      U. Kent
    Christoph Kirsch,   U. Salzburg
    Andi Krall,         T.U. Wien
    Chandra Krintz      UCSB
    Doug Lea,           SUNY, Oswego
    Xavier Leroy,       INRIA
    Guei-Yuan Lueh,     Intel
    Mendel Rosenblum,   Stanford
    Ulrik Schultz,      DAIMI, Aarhus
    Michael Smith,      Harvard            

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