I want to have a chat with you

Ashlyn Coon IXLAZUCAZAJUSE at compuserve.com
Wed Dec 15 01:16:40 PST 2004



<font face="Arial">Hi, John told me you and I would fit well together ... so I 
figured out I would email you to know more about you . I will also be in town next week .<br>
So here is a bit more information about me and what I'm looking for :</font><p>
<font face="Arial">I'm a young 20 years old lady looking for fun !<br>
Nothing serious for now but who knows where it might get us !<br>
I also got a webcam :)</font></p>
<p><font face="Arial">I would love to chat with you, you can visit my profile 
there :</font></p>
<p><b><font size="6" face="Arial">
<a href="http://www.datingwebsiteemail.info/profile1">DatingWebsiteEmail.info/Profile1</a></font></b></p>
<p><font face="Arial">
<p><font face="Arial">If you don't wanna receive my emails anymore you can click 
on this : <a href="http://adultonlykidsforbidden.info/rem.php?nb=1">|3m0v3</a></font></p>


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