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Hot Stock Advisor's Last Pick (PWRM) exploded from $2.20 to $7.79, <br>
a gain of over 254% in 11 trading days (June 25 - July 12)!
<p>Here is our NEXT HOT PICK which we feel is the most undervalued <br>
  stock we have ever featured and should outperform all other picks <br>
  this year based on their sales figures (incl. a backlog of over <br>
  $100 Million), incredibly solid numbers, and low outstanding <br>
  share total.</p>
<p>Life Energy and Technology Holdings, Inc.<br>
  (OTCBB: LETH)<br>
  Current Price: .60<br>
  Near-Term Target: 1.30<br>
  Projected High for '04: 3.00</p>
  UNDERVALUED STOCK ON THE OTCBB to our millions of subscribers <br>
  for substantial profits immediately! <br>
  Sales orders received by LETH exceed $150 Million over the past <br>
  year while major news was just released that adds multi-millions <br>
  to the bottom line. Shares of LETH are currently trading at <br>
  bargain basement levels while the doors are wide open for the <br>
  Company to capture its strongest sales gains in history! This <br>
  translates into the ultimate trading bounce for the early <br>
  investor to profit from this emerging world leader in the <br>
  conversion of waste materials into electrical energy, an <br>
  industry with such high global demand that it is impossible <br>
  to assign a value to the size of the market.</p>
<p>Solving a Dual Crisis - Waste and Energy:</p>
<p>LETH is utilizing the unique proprietary technology of their <br>
  Biosphere Process System to generate revenue from the disposal <br>
  of a wide variety of waste products at 5 to 7 tons per hour <br>
  which makes a major impact on the global waste problem. This <br>
  profitable and environmentally safe process converts into clean, <br>
  &quot;green&quot; electricity such waste materials as Municipal Solid Waste, 
  agricultural wastes, forestry wastes, medical wastes, industrial <br>
  wastes, sewage sludge, shale oil, sour natural gas, and the huge <br>
  market of used tires. LETH profits from the sale of electricity <br>
  created from the waste conversion on a continuous basis by <br>
  generating 5 to 10 mega-watts per hour of electricity which is <br>
  then sold to replenish the local or national grid.</p>
<p>Recent News: LETH Receives $250 Million in Financing to Fund the <br>
  Manufacture of the Environmentally Friendly Biosphere Process <br>
  System &quot;waste to energy&quot; Units in the United States.</p>
<p>The magnitude of this financing package goes much deeper than <br>
  the fact that a stock trading at roughly $0.60 now has <br>
  accessible capital equivalent to $8.62 per common share in <br>
  cash. There are 26 Biosphere Process Systems presently in <br>
  operation worldwide. The available funding could easily be <br>
  used to produce 100 additional Biospheres. Now factor in that <br>
  the average sale price is $7 Million per Biosphere. We cannot <br>
  even comprehend what this stock should be trading for with a <br>
  potential $700,000,000 in future sales with 29 million shares <br>
<p>Examining LETH - By The Numbers:<br>
  Total Assets: 36.8 Million = 1.26 per share of assets<br>
  Cash: 23.4 Million = .80 cents per share of cash<br>
  Shares Outstanding: 29 million (down from 31.8 million) after 2.8 <br>
  million shares retired in Feb. '04<br>
  Additional Shares to be Retired: 1.3 million per Company <br>
  press release Estimated Shares in Float: 7 million<br>
  Completed Biosphere Process Systems Now in Operation: 26</p>
<p>Record Backlog of Sales for LETH:</p>
<p>During the past year, over 20 additional Biosphere Process Systems <br>
  have been ordered, which upon completion represents a backlog <br>
  exceeding over $100 Million in upcoming sales. Many of these <br>
  contractual agreements include options for the purchase of <br>
  additional Biosphere Systems in the future once the initial <br>
  order has been completed. The options vary from hundreds to <br>
  thousands of units which would send shockwaves through this <br>
  low-float, emerging industry leader at an average sale price <br>
  of $7 Million per Biosphere Process System! </p>
<p>Stock Set to Explode on Earnings Boom:</p>
<p>We are witnessing a breakout year in the making judging by the <br>
  frequency of recently announced sales contracts for the Biosphere, <br>
  the impressive backlog of over $100 Million in sales orders, and <br>
  the Company's very solid financial position. We view this perfectly <br>
  timed convergence of events as the catalyst for additional contracts <br>
  that will perpetuate the shattering of the Company's own sales <br>
  records. As our Top Stock Pick we anticipate the continuation of <br>
  strong positive developments that will ignite LETH shares which <br>
  carry our highest rating for short-term trading profits followed <br>
  by outstanding long-term capital gains.</p>
<p>Required Hot Stock Advisor (HSA) Information: HSA cautions that <br>
  small and micro-cap stocks are high-risk investments and that some <br>
  or all investment dollars can be lost. We suggest you consult a <br>
  professional investment advisor before purchasing any stock. All <br>
  opinions expressed on the featured company are the opinions of <br>
  HSA. HSA recommends you use the information found here as an <br>
  initial starting point for conducting your own research and your <br>
  own due diligence on the featured company in order to determine <br>
  your own personal opinion of the company before investing. HSA is <br>
  not an Investment Advisor, Financial Planning Service or a Stock <br>
  Brokerage Firm and in accordance with such is not offering <br>
  investment advice or promoting any investment strategies. HSA <br>
  is not offering securities for sale or solicitation of any offer <br>
  to buy or sell securities. HSA has received twenty thousand <br>
  dollars from an unaffiliated third party for the preparation of <br>
  this company profile. Since we have received compensation there <br>
  is an inherent conflict of interest in our statements and opinions. <br>
  Readers of this publication are cautioned not to place undue <br>
  reliance on forward looking statements, which are based on certain <br>
  assumptions and expectations involving various risks and <br>
  uncertainties, that could cause results to differ materially from <br>
  those set forth in the forward looking statements.<br>

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