Pre-qualify, and apply for home [loans] and [mortgages] -xyz 57 xj

Paul Temple akbqyf at
Fri Apr 15 04:26:35 PDT 2005

Today is a new day for your residence. 
With levels at their headline-making historic lows, 
our programs are better now than ever before. 
Even if you've recently closed on a property, 
now is the time to check your numbers.

Our advisors are here to help you decide your options.
In fact, did you know that 
a 30 year fixed program may not always be the best option? 

There are other ways to do it, 
and we would like to tell you about it.

Find out what all your neighbors are talking about:

It's ok, 
it's not what I'm looking for. 
OFF Here

The next morning, as the women gathered for another trip into Gao, something was different. A huge cloud of dust was on the horizon, moving toward them. From the cloud a long truck with a red cross on the side appeared. Saty stared in awe as the truck wound its way toward the village. Along the way, it stopped long enough for a local volunteer interpreter to climb from the truck's cab. Saty's heart raced as the interpreter explained that the truck contained tons of food, the first shipment from the International Red Cross. Then she saw other trucks coming down the road, carrying doctors, nurses, tents and equipment. 

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