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to remain on deck with Hagthorpe.
leapt from the brass cannon on the Arabella's beak-head, and
his gun-deck crew, had emerged from the booby hatch, to fall into
irresolute where Blood had left him.  Then slowly, reluctance
He thrust the lad into the hands of his men.  Fetch him along to
another sea-fight afore ye've done wi' ships, my lord.
demanded wildly.
was fifteen, her father died, leaving her in her uncle's
the source of your good fortune.
bitterness and scorn as that which she had displayed.
far, and believing himself witty, he desired to be heard by all.

by urging the thing that Captain Blood had so admirably urged
ye do it!  He laughed, and added:  Praemonitus, praemunitus.
improvement in the already cordial relations between Captain Bloo

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