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Newsletter - Mid-July Issue, 2005

In July's issue we are going to profile a company involved in the red hot
homeland security sector.  This stock is very much undervalued considering=

the potential of the industry and the BIG news that is expected to be out
very soon.

This small treasure is: VNBL.OB (Vinoble, Inc.)

HUGE PR campaign expected this week so grab as much you can up to $0.25
range.  We all know it's the big announcements that make these small gems

stoc.k Symbol: VNBL.OB

Current Price: $0.09
We expect it to do Well

Please watch this one trade on Thursday!

There is some very positive news expected next week, so act before that.

About the company:

Vinoble, Inc. (VNBL.OB) is a holding company, which is identifying and
acquiring operational business opportunities in the areas of homeland
security, security information systems, and other security services to
provide long term growth for its shareholders.Vinoble believes that the
opportunity to build a successful business in the security sector is

The terror attacks on the United States on September 11, 20O1 have changed=

the security landscape for the foreseeable future. Both physical and logic=
security have become paramount for all industry segments, especially in th=
banking, healthcare and government sectors. While the focus for Vinoble is=

on North America, the opportunity for security services is worldwide.
According to Giga, a wholly owned subsidiary of Forrester Research,
worldwide demand for information security products and services is set to
eclipse $46B by 2O05.

Vinoble intends to capitalize on the dramatic growth in the security marke=
by delivering professional services, security products, security training,=

and managed security services. In pursuit of this objective, Vinoble has
assembled a highly qualified team of security professionals offering a ful=
range of security services. Through Vinoble's consulting services and
integrated delivery solutions, Vinoble will help organizations protect key=

assets including persons, property, information, brand, and reputation.

Big news expected from this company in the next few days.  This kind of ne=
could really move this stock.

stoc.k Symbol: VNBL.OB

Current Price: $0.09
We expect it to do Well

Please watch this one trade on Thursday!


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