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Triton American Energy Corp. (TRAE)
A domestic crude oil and natural gas exploration and production company
Current Price: 0.24

Press Release: Triton American Energy Corp.

TRAE Offers Investors 0pp0rtunity to B u y Working Interest in Wells 
Announces Audits Nearly Complete

Triton American Energy Corp. is pleased to announce they are now 
offering investors the ability to purchase working interests in several of 
their oil and gas wells. In addition to this 0pp0rtunity, Triton American 
Energy reports audits are nearly complete and will be updated on the 
company website on a quarterly basis. Delay in audits is due to 
additional assets which are being reviewed and accounted for. 

Below are the current available wells which can be purchased by 
investors in the form of cash, cheeck or m0ney 0rder. Each well has potential 
returns of greater than 10-1, with return of capital in 6-12 months. 
Participants who own working interest in these wells will also experience 
excellent tax benefits during a time when energy prices are reaching 
record levels. 

Wells Available For Investor Ownership: 

1.) Blackwell Lease in Caldwell County, Texas. 31 total wells are 

available for investors to purchase working interest. Working 

interest in wells is being sold in three phases. Each phase 

will have approximately 10 wells available for investors. With 

the utilization of three technologies, potentially 462,000 

barrels of oil can be recovered from the field. Current price 

of oil $61.00 per barrel. 

2.) Graciela Gonzales Lease, Zapata County, Texas. The first well

(Gulf Gonzales #1) re-entered is currently producing in excess of 1.2 
million cubic feet of gas per day. Estimated reserves for both zones 
combined are approximately 1 billion cubic feet of gas. Life expectancy 
for a producing well in this area is three to five (3-5) years. 
3.) North Falcon Dam Developmental Drilling Zapata County, Texas. 

The shallow new drill will be a nearby offset to the Gulf 

Gonzales #1 located in the same pad. Wells to the south of our 

location 2 miles (+/-) have produced in excess of 2-3 bcfg per 

well from comparable zones. 

For more information, pleasee see company's latest news released.

About Triton American Energy Corporation: 

Triton American Energy is an independent crude oil and natural gas and 
oil exploration and production company based in Houston, Texas. The 
Company's business plan is structured to take advantage of today's rising 
energy cost, while reducing as much financial risk as possible. Tritons 
niche or specialty are the small to moderate operations (usually 1-50 
well projects). These wells can be worth hundreds of millions of dollars 
in revenue but require more hands-on attention then the major producers 
are willing to give. 


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