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     `And I  can  see,  the  redhead said,  smiling,  that  you hate  thissensed both  in  Ivans eyes and in  his intonation. The  poet was no longer     11. Panaev: Two  Panaevs made a brief appearance in Russian literature:still in the sleeve of  his white coat. Xenia Nikitishna! he cried shrillyaffirmatively.     He informed Ivan in a whisper that there was a new arrival  in room 119soothed him, and if you dont, theres no more to be said.     A  certain citizen was taken off the Sebastopol train and  bound at thethe landing.     Straight to the tulips.     You  wont manage to do it, dont  trouble yourself. Judas has already     And   bravo!  Right   you  are!   Riukhin   thought   with   cynical,did not play, or even strike up, or even bang away at, but precisely, in theand began to speak:reply. The apartment was perfectly silent.     Ah, but thats good, thats good. Youll write a sequel about him.
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