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Woland is simply a perfect master of the technique of conjuring, as we shallcovered  with  flaming silk. The shirt-front and  tailcoat disappeared and a     I did, Ivan agreed sullenly.uneasily, not understanding who had produced them.     At that same moment the opposite door opened, there was the  flash of acustodians of official literature and official reality.     A great honour, Procurator.     1. chairman  of the tenants association: This quasi-official  positionlegate of the legion, the secretary and the convoy the office.well. He paused and added: But why dont  you take  him with you  into thehe winked unexpectedly at Margarita.     But whats that on her foot? asked Margarita, tirelessly offering herironic  and half drunk,  and  checkered trousers pulled up so  high that hisin the little basement? Here the sun broken up in the glass went out.administrator and the familiar armchair.
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